Wedding Industry Workers Reveal The Biggest Disasters And Trainwrecks They’ve Witnessed

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Weddings rarely go off without a hitch. No matter how perfect the bride and groom seem for one another (and that’s the best case scenario) you can’t account for say, unexpected guests showing up, one of the bridesmaids getting caught having sex in the bathroom, or a boozy sister of the groom speech going on ad nauseum about how many babies the newly married couple (who plan to remain childless) are going to have.

But those examples are nothing compared to some of the whoppers in this Ask Reddit thread, which asks wedding industry workers: what are the biggest disasters they’ve witnessed? As with a similar topic, in which wedding guests revealed the moment they knew things were heading for divorce, some of these might make you swear you off marriage forever.

Starting us off, GrouchyWaitress recalls a union that is surely headed towards years and years of wedding bliss:

Not a wedding itself, but a small pre-wedding, not rehearsal-dinner with bride, groom, and a few friends doing the tasting menu at my restaurant. Probably halfway through the tasting, one of the managers goes out to the courtyard and hears something… the bride is fucking the groom’s brother at the side of the building. It’s not exactly a very secretive spot. He asked them to please stop as politely as possible and go back inside, which they did. They go back to the table and as far as I know, the groom didn’t find out (that might anyway) but the girl definitely had to notice the entire staff laughing at her for the rest of the night.

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