The Internet Is Having Fun Suggesting Reasons Why This Guy’s Ring Started Talking

10.23.15 3 years ago

On Thursday evening, a fella got bored enough to “test” his wedding ring for a radio signal. Oh, that sounds too cynical. This guy somehow tapped an AV cord against his ring, and then he heard a bizarre set of voices. After staring in wonder for awhile, he heard the voice of Hillary Clinton coming from his ring. What really happened is that his wedding ring picked up a radio signal of the ongoing marathon Benghazi hearing. A voice of any type coming directly from an inanimate object can terrify. When it comes to hearing a politicized event coming from a wedding ring? Tin foil hats, baby.

The Internet has, unsurprisingly, grabbed onto this phenomenon like it was a floating Chinese cloud city. A couple of electrical engineers implored Digg for a rational explanation while other outlets suggested an alien conspiracy theory. Over on, commenters had a ball suggesting reasons why this sh*t went down:

  • “I see a new Lord of The Rings movie here: Battle for the Radio Tower!
  • “Mine does the same thing, but it only broadcasts the screams of tortured souls.”
  • “The one perk of getting married…”
  • “haha, yes. It’s quite the scandal: ‘I had to use my own email server… I live inside of a man’s gold ring.'”
  • “How many times do I have to tell you, Fred? Your wife is a spy!'”

Ladies and gentlemen, the Internet.

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