Wednesday ’90s Throwback: Anti-Ninja Turtle Propaganda (video)

No, that is not Ben Affleck in the middle. Yes, I wish it was.

Remember back when things used to be wholesome and carefree? You know, back before cartoons had to busy themselves with merchandising and advertisements? Yeah, me neither -and same goes for this Canadian Christian panel of “specialists” from the ’90s VHS tape Not Just Fun and Games. In the dated (but highly relevant) tape, these guys explore the dangers of ’90s popular culture, while also revealing its repressed hedonistic ways. Of course!

This beautiful highlight reel comes from Rich Juzwiak, who figured the world needed just one more internet supercut. Thanks to Rich, now we’re reminded firsthand of the dangers that Master Splinter and his turtles brought upon us all. Oh don’t you worry, The Simpsons, Vanilla Ice and even M.C. Hammer all get shunned too. Evils!

Video after the jump:

[via Flavorwire]