Now We Know What It Looks Like When Two British Women Dress As ‘Sexy 9/11 Towers’

Where were you when you heard about the British women who entered and won a Halloween costume contest in Chester dressed as the Twin Towers, complete with flames and tiny models of people falling to their deaths? Probably wherever you’re reading this, unless you were at the nightclub Rosies the night of the event, in which case: would it have been poor form to set their costumes ablaze? Probably, but no less than the ladies winning £150.

Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, both 19, dressed up as the buildings involved in the 9/11 terror attacks, where more than 2,700 people lost their lives…The pair won £150 between them after being voted best fancy dress by a DJ at the huge Rosies club in Chester.

Ms Langford’s pilot dad Martin Langford – who was flying jets in the US when al-Qaeda destroyed the World Trade Center in 2001 -said he will “have a little chat” with his daughter. (Via)

There should be a convention for people who want to dress as something “offensive” for Halloween, be it crumbling towers or blackface or KKKid or Matt Lauer. Then someone can crash a plane into the building.

(Banner via @rosieproblems, via the Guardian)