Well, That’s Adorable

Jay C. Batzner’s daughter Daria was invited to a birthday party where boys were supposed to dress as superheroes and girls were supposed to dress as princesses. (Seriously? There are still people who think it’s not douchey to tell other parents what costume to buy?)  Daria wanted to dress as Wonder Woman.  Luckily, Wonder Woman is also a princess (the invisible jet should have been a tip off.  So lavish).

Jay says, “Wonder Woman has been Daria’s favorite hero for a long time and this way she was the only kid at the party who went as both a princess AND a superhero,” and he also says this was his third attempt at sewing something (everything turned out better than expected).  The video is after the jump [via TheMarySue] along with a related picture [via Reddit] titled “At least one of these girls will grow up to be awesome.”  Can you guess which one?

“She’s not the hero the princess party wanted; she’s the hero they needed.” — Reddit