Well, That’s One Way To Enter: Star Trek Pocket Doors At Home (Video)

12.08.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Ali Baba approved.

Last we heard from Marc at uiproductions, he had just finished building himself an iPhone-controlled LED suit…because that’s what Marc at uiproductions does. Well, what better way to follow up a pulsating seizure ensemble than to build a set ofStar Trek-inspired pocket doors in your very own home? Score remains: Star Trek Pocket Doors: 1, Indoor Rope Swings: 0.

Using a compressor in the attic hidden underneath grandma, Marc was able to hack his door straight off the USS Enterprise. Though not motion activated, the door can be programmed via a hidden control panel or the master key -and then, with the simple push of a button, each section of the door magically slides open. Though perhaps a blatantly obvious fire hazard, I think I’d be willing to risk the installation dangers for the chance to see the look on my friend’s faces when they saw this door in action. At the very least, it would make date night with my girlfriend much more enjoyable, because a space age pocket door is much sexier than me jumping out of my closet in my underwear and screaming at her “open sesame”.

Video of the door in action after the jump:

Special thanks to hackaday for the tip.

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