Surprise! Hiding Weed In Your Wendy’s Baconator Won’t Outsmart The Cops

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Getty Image / Eugene Gologursky

We here at UPROXX make no claims of being a foremost authority on how to hide weed. That said, stuffing pot on your Baconator isn’t exactly a Harry Hoduni-esque bit of cop-tricking sorcery. Hard to believe, we know. One West Virginia Wendy’s customer found this out the hard way.

The Daily Dot picked up a fascinating Facebook post from the Milton Police Department. The cops shared the tale of an optimistic gent who didn’t want to get busted with weed so he hid it on the burger. WHO COULD POSSIBLY SUSPECT SUCH A SLY PLAN??? Well, the drug-sniffing dogs for one. They sorted it out and police were able to confirm that a bag of marijuana is not part of the Baconator ingredient list.

The unfortunate stoner received a citation and (more importantly) lives on as an example of how not to stash your weed. The “it was like that when I got it” defense isn’t as airtight as you might think and if the police have a sense of humor they’ll poke fun in a Facebook post that has the same tone as the “If you leave milk out, it can go sour. Put it in the refrigerator, or, failing that, a cool wet sack.” lecture from The Simpsons.

(via Daily Dot)