Wes Craven Parlays Into Graphic Novels? True That.

07.28.10 8 years ago

Alright, let’s hear it for some Wes Craven news! WOOO!!! *Jersey Shore cast jumps through window, fists pump until fists come off, blood sprays and covers entire cast* Looks like the iconic Master of Horror is next fixing his creative juices for a full frothy glass of illustrated creativity. Liquid Comics is spearheading the venture, announcing a publishing partnership that teams Craven with producer Arnold Rifkin for work on an entirely original graphic novel concept.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Liquid Comics and Cheyenne Enterprises on the development of an original idea for both a comic book and for a subsequent film based on it. It’s an idea I’ve been dying to get out there, and working in collaboration with Sharad Devarajan and Arnold Rifkin will be the ideal win/win way to do it,” commented Craven. [Comingsoon]

I bet Platinum Dunes is queefing with excitement now; another project that they can simply buy the rights to down the road and then absolutely rape to death. The plan right now is for Craven to release his project as a 4-comic set, with digital frontiers on the horizon, as well as the aforementioned possibility of future theatrical opportunities. Keep in mind though that Liquid Comics is the same company publishing similar projects with the likes of John Woo and Guy Ritchie, so hopefully this all isn’t just some company ploy to make a quick buck on someone else’s name. As far as I’m concerned, Wes Craven has earned the right to stamp his name across any project he sees fit -I’m just crossing my fingers for some substance (I’m crossing my legs too -FYI).

Special thanks to Comingsoon for the tip.

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