Lakers Wesley Johnson’s Reverse Slam Highlights Lakers Win Over Nets

It wasn’t even Thanksgiving, but Wesley Johnson provided the stuffing Wednesday night!

*Dodges tomato*

The Lakers swingman dropped this nasty reverse slam over Paul Pierce en rout to a whopping four points; his Lakers won, 99-94. Let this serve as a reminder: even the warmest of NBA bench warmers exists in a plane of athleticism that you and I just can’t comprehend. Let’s all hum “I Believe I Can Fly” as we imagine what it’d be like to jump like that.

Also of note from the game, Jason Kidd may not be as shabby a coach as we initially thought. Well, maybe he is but, still give the man credit for the clever idea of having one of his players collide with him, causing Kidd to “spill” his drink and earning his team a stoppage in play.