The Westboro Baptist Church Tried To Protest Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral But They Couldn’t Find It

Star Trek colleague and friend William Shatner wasn’t the only famous figure unable to attend Leonard Nimoy’s funeral in Los Angeles on Sunday. Turns out, members of the Westboro Baptist Church — the religious group out of Topeka, Kan. famous for picketing soldiers’ funerals — wanted to make an appearance, too.

Thankfully, they didn’t make it. The reason? The funeral’s time and location wasn’t shared publicly because, you know, it’s a funeral and a private affair for Nimoy’s family and friends. This didn’t stop the Westboro Video and Westboro Baptist Twitter accounts from making a fuss about it.

On one hand, the illogical rage I feel in response to these tweets and Vines makes me want to engage in some good ol’ fashioned trolling. But I am calmed by two better and brighter truths:

  1. Nimoy, Shatner, and their fellows would’ve never given individuals and groups such as these the time of day.
  2. The combined Twitter following of both accounts isn’t enough to do anything more than “preach to the choir.”

(Via TheWrap and Twitter)