‘Westworld’ Is Coming To HBO Next Year

We’ve been hearing that HBO was looking to make Westworld a series, but we hadn’t heard much beyond casting and that a pilot had been shot. Now HBO has confirmed the show’s going to series, in the oddest way possible.

For those unfamiliar, the basic plot of Westworld is that in the future, there’s a theme park built around authentic androids acting out a scrubbed down version of history. Think Disneyland, except the robots are more human and you can pay to bone them.

Yep, that’s catnip to HBO. Here’s the Vine they used to announce the series pickup:

We already knew it had a hell of a cast. Still, hearing Hopkins mutter “So our creatures are misbehaving…” laid over distorted footage of what we assume is the robocowboy who blows a gasket and what might be a robot workshop or a BDSM dungeon, we’re not sure which, is a little disturbing. We’ll find out just how far this will go in 2015.

Via TV Line