Whale’s Vagina, Illadelphia, And Other US City Names According To Twitter

InboxQ and Column Five combined forces and conducted research on geotagged tweets vs. locations used by Twitter users to create this sure-to-be-viral graphic that maps out what the largest US cities would be called if renamed by the most common nickname used on Twitter. Full, enlargeable version after the jump, but first a few superlatives I’ve haphazardly awarded:

Best Anchorman Reference: San Diego

Best Dig at America Jr: Chicago

Most Likely to Make Me Want to Punch a Masshole: Boston

Most Likely to Make Me Giggle Every Time: Milwaukee

Most Likely to Be Confused with a Bong Manufacturer: Philadelphia

Most Likely to Require Further Explanation: Minneapolis

Sources: InboxQ and Column Five Media

Via: Laughing Squid