What A Room Full Of Walter White Cosplayers Being Judged By Bryan Cranston Looks Like

Courtesy of Redditor “digitalfurnace” comes this photo of a “[recent] Walter White look-alike contest judged by Bryan Cranston himself.” And one random Mike Ehrmantraut, who got lost on his way to the f*cking bathroom. (The obvious winner, however, is the Asian dude in the middle.) I have no idea what the context of the picture is, outside of its aforementioned title, so let’s guess some possible event names:

-“Walterkakke Con”
-“Breaking Bald: You Have Nothing to Be Ashamed of”
-“The Power of Optimistic Thinking…and Pork Pie Hats”
-“Methylamine-Lifters of the World Unite”
-“How to Throw Your Pizza and Eat It, Too”
-“POONFEST 2012”

Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

(Via Reddit)