What Does Stephen King Think of “The Stand” Movie?

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Any child of the ’80s has fond memories of Stephen King adaptations, which were plentiful during the ’80s and early ’90s. OK, so most of them were terrible, with few exceptions, but most of them were at least fun, and there were even a couple of classics.

Among the good ones was “The Stand”, a miniseries made in 1994 based off of King’s biggest cinderblock of a book, which sprawls across a couple of years and follows civilization’s end, rebirth, and growth. Yep, that sounds like something you could squeeze into a two-hour movie, no problem!

King’s involvement is minimal (according to King himself, he first heard about the remake via the Internet), but he does have a few suggestions, namely Jake Gyllenhaal as Stu Redman since Gary Sinise already killed it, and Billy Bob Thorton as the Trashcan Man. King also claims that if they make a trilogy, and it makes a fortune, he might be able to swing a chicken dinner at Popeye’s. Not that he’s starving since he makes $30 million in a year he doesn’t feel like publishing a book, but I can understand his irritation.

Hey, think they’ll keep the part with the Trashcan Man getting raped by a midget with a revolver (yes, that’s actually in the book)?

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