What Happens When A Tuxedo Has Sex With A Track Suit? Meet The Traxedo.

Now that we’re heading into the fall, it’s time for all of the fellas out there to start thinking about formalwear for all of those fancier events that you’ll be attending with your best bros and babes. Sure, you’re going to want to look your best – at the very least, better than your loser friends – but you’re also going to want the freedom of comfort in case you should end up randomly falling asleep in some bushes or on a random stranger’s driveway, among many other places. Fortunately, the folks at Traxedo have you covered, as their track suit that looks like a tuxedo will trick everyone into thinking that you’re pulling a Jack Donaghy, while you’re secretly hiding a Camelback full of Fireball somewhere between your P and your B.

The brainchild of Ireland’s John Hughes and his friends, the Traxedo was specifically invented for bachelor parties, as he said that they tend to dress up in ridiculous costumes and outfits when they’re sending their friends off into the boring wilderness that is marriage. “While sitting around someone said, ‘Why not Tuxedos’?” he explained from across the pond. “One of us had heard a myth about a tuxedo tracksuit but we couldn’t find anything online. So a very talented designer friend of ours whipped up a few basic models and with that the Traxedo was born!”

That was two years ago, and now the Traxedo is selling in the U.S., probably thanks to the currently and unfortunately sold out Uncle Sam model that will probably be found at every 4th of July pub crawl in every major American city next year.

But this isn’t just about partying. Says Hughes, “Our customers have worn them sky diving, to football matches, weddings, even sky diving. One of our customers ran the Boston marathon in one then got married straight after, still suited up! Some wear them just chilling around the house, some wear them for a night on the town. It’s up to you!”

So long as there’s one that can be worn for eating Doritos on a bean bag chair, this will be money very well spent.