What If Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim Had A Rap Battle?

I’ve been known to be on the glass is half-full side of the Nicki Minaj spectacle, but I’m not oblivious that the disclaimers her critics throw at her hold validity. Few will argue that Kim played herself last year by dissing the Young Money starlet as a last resort to relevance. But imagine if Nicki really acknowledged Kim and if they were to go bar-for-bar in the fight club, would the more popular Ms. Minaj be able to emerge as victor?

Well speculate no more because the jokers over at Be Your Own Boss Entertainment have a guesstimation of the outcome if all that silicon were ever to come to lyrical blows. As the authors of J. Tinsley’s favorite video of all-time, Shawt Bus Shawty,” they do another impeccable job of nailing rap’s overrated fuckery to a tee. In fact, you’d think Nicki sent them the vocals herself.

Not for nothing, I spied Sean Falyon in the right hand corner. He really does Be Everywhere, even if it is animation.


H/T: A. Smarter