What Is The Deal With GE’s The Boy Who Beeps Commercial?

GE debuted a commercial during the NFL opener tonight that was unlike anything we’ve seen before. It features a boy who um, well, he beeps. He’s kind of like the Roadrunner, except a whole lot smarter and a whole lot more like Raiden from Mortal Kombat. You see, the boy who beeps controls electricity every time he opens his mouth. As he gets older, the boy who beeps steps up his game, manipulating TV’s, traffic lights, alarm clocks, MRI machines and finally, the entire power grid.

Andy Goldberg, GE’s global creative director, said the company wanted to treat the commercial like a film. “It’s not a hard sell. It’s a wonderful story about a very special boy who is channeling what GE stands for.”

The company will continue using the 2-minute format for other commercials, though they wouldn’t say if “the boy who beeps” gets a sequel. I, for one, sincerely hope so.