What Is The Hot Dog Challenge And Why Is Everybody Freaking Out About It?

Howard Lee is an illusion artist from Wales who has the ability to draw uncannily lifelike objects that trick the viewer into being unable to guess which is real: the object or the drawing. One of Lee’s projects, which he calls “The Hot Dog Challenge,” has gone viral since he uploaded it to YouTube last month — kind of like “the dress,” only but for gluttons, you could say.

In the minute-long video, Lee draws a perfect representation of a hot dog next to a real hot dog laying on Daler Board. He recreated the hot dog (minus any condiments) using nothing but Prismacolor and Copic markers. He then squiggles real ketchup and mustard on both hot dogs (some of us will just take the mustard, please and no thank you), but only one hot dog succumbs to being cut in half by a butcher knife.

It’s pretty surreal, to say the least.

Lee’s YouTube account is full of similar videos, but of course this one went viral because of nothing else, people love hot dogs. Here are some of his other cool optic illusion videos, and you can see more here.

(Via The Daily Mail)

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