This Is The Guinness Book Of World Records’ Oldest Cat

Breaking news: The Guinness Book of World Records has just confirmed that a 26-year-old feline named Corduroy is the world’s oldest cat.

To put it in perspective: He was born on Aug. 1, 1989, when I was less than a year old. He’s older than Taylor Swift, who’s a December baby, not only in cat years, but also in human years. And Corduroy has been with his owner, Ashley Reed Okura, since she was 7.

Compared to other felines, Corduroy handily beats their average lifespan of 15 years.

Incredibly though, Corduroy sort of won this title by default. He was Guinness’s oldest cat back in 2014, when the company discovered an older cat named Tiffany Two and bestowed the title on her. After she recently passed away at 27 years, 2 months and 20 days old, Corduroy got the title back.

As for the oldest cat of all time? That’s Creme Puff, who died at 38 years and 3 days.

Not only has Corduroy lived into a seemingly comfortable old age, he reportedly got a mouse as a reward from his owner. I can’t wait until the next Guinness Book of World Records post reveals that Corduroy has lived into his advanced age by smoking a pack or drinking Miller High Life every day.