What On Earth Is Happening In Toyota’s Newest ‘Swagger Wagon’ Music Video?

If you’ve been wondering what Busta Rhymes has been up to since he fell off the face of the Earth a few years back, Toyota’s newest “Swagger Wagon” music video has your answer. If you’ve also been wondering what happened to comedian Chris Wylde since his Comedy Central show vanished, then this bizarre ad is really taking care of your best interests, although I really doubt you were wondering about Wylde. Either way, Toyota uploaded this new commercial for the 2015 Toyota Sienna on Friday, and by yesterday it was not only sitting at 186,000 views and counting, but it had some people buzzing on Twitter. As we all know, that’s not always a good thing.

This latest commercial is actually a sequel to a series of ads from several years ago (an example), and they inspired plenty of really corny parody videos on YouTube. But Toyota really raised the bar with this latest edition, so let’s see what all the fuss is about.

As far as the Sienna, I think I know less about it as a vehicle than I did before I watched the video. I know that I’m not allowed to call it a minivan, and I can fit supplies for a new fence in the back. Also, if I turn on a magical Sirius XM radio station, Busta Rhymes will show up and start rapping for me.

And my son will hug an invisible fat person in outer space:

As for the response on the social media that all the cool kids are using these days, let’s have a little sampling of that, shall we?

Of course, it’s worth repeating that while people were freaking out over this commercial yesterday, this is an established campaign from several years ago, and there are people who actually refer to the Sienna as a Swagger Wagon, like these young ladies, who shared this before the new video was even released:

I’ll let time, Internet commenters and minivan sales determine whether or not this is a good or bad ad campaign, but if I’m certain about anything at all, it’s that this girl needs her own Nickelodeon series yesterday.