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I guess the Oscars happened or something but OMFG NEW IRON MAN 2 FOOTAGE!!!1!  Robert Downey Jr donned a comically large bow tie and went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to tell a Mickey Rourke anecdote and premier the new trailer.  Check it out below for some Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson, War Machine, Whiplash, and suitcase armor goodness.

I need one of those suitcase armor things to take to an airport.  Then when they tell me it’s too heavy and I’ll have to pay extra to check it, I can laugh and say, “I don’t need your stupid planes” then put on the suit and crash through the ceiling as I fly away.  Then the AC/DC music kicks in and an American flag happens to be nearby for me to fly past in slow motion, and then I save some puppies from a burning building or something and I’m playing an awesome guitar solo during all of this.  Yeah, that’s a good day.

[MTV and Geekosystem]

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