What's Up with DC's "Earth 2"?

Well, it’s DC, so really reintroducing the Multiverse was only a matter of time. Apparently, come May, we’ll be able to get a load of “Earth 2”, and a few refugees from it will be dumped into normal DC continuity (conveniently, a bunch of books end right around that time frame).
DC’s been posting character designs, and dropping hints about both the book “Earth 2” and “World’s Finest”, which they should really just call “Distaff Superman/Batman: See, WE DO LIKE WOMEN OK?!”
We’re torn because DC already reverting to this usually means we’re about to be stuck with yet another Crisis. On the other hand, the alternate world storytelling is almost always fun for a while, and unlike most of these books, DC has spent months setting these up in the “Huntress” miniseries and “Mr. Terrific”. Check out a few of the character designs on the next slides.
all images courtesy DC Comics