This Wheat Thins Commercial Ripped Off ‘Human Giant’, Rob Huebel And Paul Scheer Demand Satisfaction

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04.08.14 13 Comments

Earlier today, Rob Huebel lobbed a PRETTY scathing accusation at Wheat Thins on Twitter, after noticing that a new Wheat Thins commercial bears more than a passing resemblance to a sketch Human Giant did back in 2008.

Hey @WheatThins stop stealing comedy! Watch  and then  Let’s discuss

Paul Scheer also jumped into the fray, although at this time Wheat Thins have yet to respond.

Pay us in Thins “@robhuebel: Hey @WheatThins stop stealing comedy! Watch  & then  – discuss”

Alright, let’s bust this case open. First here’s the original Human Giant sketch, followed by the Wheat Thins commercial:

OK, while the Wheat Thins commercial depicts a hot air balloon to hot air balloon chase and the Human Giant sketch shows a hot air balloon to ground vehicle chase, it still seems shady to me: I’m gonna call bullsh*t on Wheat Thins.

By order of the internet, I hereby find Wheat Thins guilty of comedy theft and sentence them to be known as the Dane Cook of crackers from this day forth. When it comes down to it they’re really just the poor man’s Triscuit, anyway. OH YEAH, YOU LIKE THAT? I JUST WENT THERE, WHEAT THINS.

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