Everything You Need To Know About Fingerlings, The Hottest Toys This Holiday Season

If you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, or somehow have a child in your life, chances are you’re not going to get through the 2017 holiday season without hearing about the hottest new toy craze called Fingerlings — interactive baby toy monkeys that hang on your fingers, among other things (hence the name) and respond to touch, motion, and sound with about 40 different types of interactions. The brain child of the innovative robotic toy company WowWee, Fingerlings come in six different varieties and colors, named Bella, Boris, Finn, Mia, Sophie, and Zoe, respectively.

They’re the Hatchimals of 2017 in a nutshell (or the Furbys of 2017, or the Tamagotchis of 2017 … you catch the drift), and with Christmas still over two months away it’s already becoming increasingly difficult for parents to get their hands on them. Stores like Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart have already sold out — the latter offering in-store alerts — and although the toys retail for around $15, you can find them online at places like eBay and Amazon for anywhere from $19.99 to upwards of $50. And those prices are likely only going to increase as we get further into the holiday season if the manufacturer isn’t able to replenish stocks ASAP.

WowWee also offers a unicorn variety named “Gigi” that might be even tougher to find than the Fingerlings monkeys. Good luck, parents, you’re gonna need it.

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