Which Movies Will Get Super Bowl Trailers?

For many Americans, the Super Bowl is a time to sit with friends and family, overeat, and watch football. And for some of us, we’re just looking for the commercials. Here are the nerdy movies you’re likely to see plugged with Super Bowl trailers.


Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Michael Bay loves the Super Bowl, and thus, he’s confirmed be all over this. We’re guessing it’ll be wall-to-wall Dinobots. Reinforcing this is the fact that we’ve yet to see a trailer full of robot dinosaurs, and it’s hard to imagine Bay being able to keep that in his pants for long.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

By all accounts, Cap’s sequel is doing incredibly well with audiences, and besides, what event is it more ideal to plug a movie starring Captain America? The spot is confirmed, although when it’ll run is up in the air.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony’s confirmed Spidey will be in the mix, but we’re not sure if this will feature any new footage. The movie is just a few months away and they probably don’t want to give away the entire game before it opens. That said, if there is new footage, it’s totally going to be the Rhino.



It opens right after the Super Bowl, and Sony and MGM could use a boost on this, considering it’s an action movie opening on Valentine’s Day.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Fox never confirms or denies its ad buys, but it would be exceptionally weird, considering the heavy PR blitz this movie has been getting and the sheer number of recognizable stars in it, if Fox didn’t give it a push in the Super Bowl.


It’s true that The Legend of Hercules might have poisoned this well, but MGM still has a big action movie it needs to promote.

Not Happening:


Warner Brothers hasn’t bought any Super Bowl ad time, so no Godzilla for us, at least not during the game. The studio might roll out something online, or flood cable with ads since the spots are so cheap.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

No Super Bowl spot, but the trailer will be hitting soon, from all accounts.