The White House Was Lit Up In Rainbow Colors To Celebrate The SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

06.26.15 25 Comments

There’s an argument to be made that few presidents have better weeks than the one President Obama is having this week. The Supreme Court upheld the legality of “Obamacare.” He delivered one of the most moving speeches of his life with his eulogy for slain pastor Clementa Pinckney. He ushered passage of a major trade bill. The Confederate flag is being removed from the most unlikely of places. And today the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal across the land. Tonight, the Obama administration celebrated the ruling by lighting up the White House in rainbow colors. (Conversely, it could be interpreted as a trollish thumb in the eye of religious conservatives.)

Here’s how Fox News reacted to the gesture — with a side-by-side of the White House and Megyn Kelly’s face…

This week in America, summarized in a single photo…

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