A White Kanye West Impersonator In Blackface Heckled Kim Kardashian At The Opera

When a white guy who walks around in public in blackface has to say, “I am not a racist,” he’s probably a little racist, or an idiot. That’s both the punchline for every Jeff Foxworthy-esque joke on my Racist or Idiot? tour, but also a truth about comedian Chris Stephan, who recently got into some trouble when he heckled Kim Kardashian at the Vienna Ball. Heckling Kim Kardashian: good. Heckling Kim Kardashian by asking her if she wants to dance to “N*ggers in Vienna”: bad. Heckling Kim Kardashian by asking her if she wants to dance to “N*ggers in Vienna” while impersonating her husband AT THE OPERA: worst.

My monocle is on the floor.

The weirdo who came up to Kim Kardashian in blackface at the Vienna Opera Ball — pretending to be Kanye West — now claims the entire encounter was a misunderstanding … insisting he’s NOT a racist … and didn’t mean to offend her.

Chris Stephan — a stand-up comedian in Austria — just posted the apology on his Facebook, saying he’s “incredibly sorry” things unfolded the way they did. He says he’s of Arab descent himself, and never intended to be racist.

As we reported, Kim stormed out of the fancy pants ball yesterday after Stephan came up to her in black face make-up, acting like Kanye. Kim was paid $500,000 to be the guest of Austrian businessman Richard Lugner at the event. Lugner later said Kim was a crappy date. (Via)

She only put out twice, and once was to a homeless man who looked like Ray J. (It was the real Ray J.)