Two Students Wore This Questionable Racial Term On Their Shirts During Spirit Week


Two students in Stafford County, Virginia have made headlines for their spirit week attire, which has brought Mountain View High School some unwelcome attention. The two white seniors, who have not been identified, caused a deluge of criticism after wearing these shirts decorated with a racial epithet. Here are the shirts in question, which read “n**** we made it.” Twitter was littered with complaints such as this one:

As you can see, the teens (due to graduate in 2016) replaced two letters of the racial slur with the number 16. Presumably, they nabbed the saying from Drake and Soulja Boy‘s “We Made It” song.

Only after the photo circulated all over social media did school officials take notice. The Stafford school district issued a response to assure the public they’ve taken action, and this will not happen again:

Stafford County Public Schools does not condone or approve of the type of language implied in the photograph of students from Mountain View High School. This incident has been investigated and appropriate actions have been taken.

Dr. James Stemple, Principal of Mountain View High School shared, “As principal of the school I am truly sorry that this incident occurred at Mountain View. There are plans in place to educate the entire student body about this type of behavior, provide counseling if needed for any student, and to work with the entire community to ensure this type of action does not happen again.”

Superintendent W. Bruce Benson added, “This behavior is not representative of the students” at mountain view. He also requested that any social media postings be removed from the Internet.

(Via Huffington Post)