Who Cut the Cheese? Movie Poster Expressions that Could Be Mistaken for Passing Gas

I think it’s safe to say that the death of Steve Jobs is weighing pretty heavily on a lot of us today. It’s in times like these that a little absurd silliness can go a long way toward helping us forget about any sadness that may be lurking in our lives. Translation: a sad and weary nation could use some good fart humor right now.
With that said, I have no idea what I could say about this slideshow that’s not already explained in the headline. Basically, it’s a dream post for the 14-year-old boy inside of me. So, sit back, light a match, and enjoy the flatulent imagery. Just check your maturity level at the door and enjoy the butt biscuits.
Oh, and good luck ever looking at any of these posters again without thinking of someone farting. You’re welcome.