Whoops, Back To The Cutting Room: ‘The Evil Dead’ Remake Got An NC-17

There’s plenty of debate over whether the upcoming remake of The Evil Dead will live up Sam Raimi’s originals, but it will match their legacy in one important way — the MPAA has slapped the new Evil Dead with it’s harshest possible rating, the dreaded NC-17.

The Evil Dead and its sequel Evil Dead II predated the NC-17 rating, but both received X ratings. Unfortunately unlike the originals, which just quietly ignored the X and hit theatres unrated, the Evil Dead remake will be going through a round of cuts to get down to an R rating.

I just wish I could have been there to see the reactions of the kids who snuck into the original Evil Dead movies, hoping for softcore porn due to the X-rating, only to get something very, very different.

via Comic Book Movie