A Penis-Shaped Jacket Epidemic Is Plaguing Australia’s News Anchors

Two days ago, we showed you this picture of Australian reporter Natarsha Belling. We all had a good laugh because we’re all incredibly childish and stupid and still laugh when people fart. But here’s the thing: It’s not all that original. The plunging phallic neckline is inexplicably popular in Australia. Reporters have been doing it for years, and nobody noticed.

Just last week, Sunrise host Melissa Doyle wore the same jacket.

And here’s Nine News reporter Eva Milic in May of 2014.

Although this isn’t the same… wait, no. This one’s actually much worse.

What does this all mean? Is there a secret society of phallic jackets we’re not aware of? Or is this much ado about nothing? Yeah, you’re right. Probably the latter. We all need to grow the hell up. But seriously, did you see that woman take a power tool to her crotch? Won’t anybody think of the kids?