Blizzard Is Totally Going To Make ‘StarCraft: Ghost’

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04.09.13 12 Comments

Even the most hardcore fan has by this point accepted that StarCraft: Ghost is never coming out. The game, first announced more than a decade ago, was supposed to be a stealth/action third person shooter following a Terran as she kicks various alien asses.

Blizzard, apparently, just can’t let it go.

Official PlayStation Magazine, while interviewing Matthew Burger, a developer, asked about Ghost and discovered Blizzard’s official line is that…:

OPM: Is Starcraft: Ghost still an active project for Blizzard?

Burger: It’s on hold. It has never been cancelled.

OPM: So it might still get released?

Burger: Maybe.

This is far from the first time Blizzard has just refused to admit that StarCraft: Ghost is never happening; the company has been insisting for years that they’ll totally get around to it someday, they just need to finish this last multiplayer round, maybe grab a beer, hit the store for some snacks, and then it’s totally happening.

And to be fair, it’s also not the first time we’ve all given up hope about a project from Blizzard and then been surprised by it actually happening: Diablo III, for example. The official line is and always has been that World of Warcraft was such a surprise hit, and ate up so much in the way of company resources, that Blizzard is still sorting out what projects it wants to do.

They’ve been working to keep the basic concept alive as well: Nova, our heroine, got her own tie-in novel, and she pops up in StarCraft II. And they do still have a massive statue of her in the lobby. So, who knows? It might happen. Someday. Honest. Really.

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