Why Was #FiftyShadesOfGranny Trending On Twitter? Here’s Why

If you’re like me, you got on Twitter tonight, checked the trending topics and saw the day’s usuals. #GoingClear, sure. Trevor Noah, totes. #FiftyShadesOfGranny…wait, what?

And then, if you’re like me, you clicked it to find out why. And you may never be the same.

Tonight on Channel 5 in the UK, viewers were treated to the sights, sounds and sensations of Fifty Shades of Granny, a special devoted to young men who love young-at-heart women. So if you want to watch elderly women talk about having sex with much much younger men and proudly display their boob tattoos that say “Gangbang,” this is clearly the show for you.

One of the women, 92-year-old Marge who is slamming herself a 34 year old and has been with him since he was 28, says “At my age, to feel sexy and be told you are, itʼs probably the best thing in the world. Better than fried potatoes.” Can’t argue with that. You get your potatoes on, ladies.