Why Would Anyone Let A Subway Door Close On Their Penis?

Senior Editor
10.17.14 2 Comments

Listen, 99% of YouTube pranks are awful. “Hey, let’s go out and grab girls butts and sexually assault them” is a thing a YouTube pranker actually did that people laughed at. A majority of these a-holes never told a worthwhile joke in their entire life and use caveman behavior as a distraction to their unfunny stupidity.

Ok, end of rant.

Here’s a video where a guy lets a subway door close on his penis. It’s an obvious prank and one I actually laughed it. Why? Because I’m five and because this prank technically didn’t involve anyone else. The only thing harmed in the filming of this video was his pride…and his weiner…or whatever that bulge is.

Props to the penis hero at the end who opened the door. He clearly wasn’t interested in a public dick amputation. Good for him.

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