01.18.10 8 years ago

 Completely related picture of a stroke victim.  Totally. That’s why she’s leaning.

Ross Clark at the University of Melbourne, Australia read about the U.S. military using Wiimotes to control a bomb-disposing robot. This gave him the idea to hack the strain gauges and accelerometers of a Wii balance board to use it for measuring center of pressure in stroke patients.

“I wanted to know if it would be any good for assessing the standing balance of patients,” says Clark. He reasoned that being able to measure the centre of pressure of a person’s foot will be useful to a physio who is helping someone relearn how to stand. Yet the lab-grade “force platforms” needed to do that cost more than £11,000 [~$18,000 US] – putting them out of the reach of many physio clinics.

They found that the raw data they were getting from the hacked Wii board was clinically comparable to what they could get from the $18,000 force platform. I hope they spent the extra $17,900 on Billy Squier albums.  Better listen now, said it ain’t no joke. 


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