You Can Now Buy A Special Bottle Of Wild Turkey For $150


There’s a new Wild Turkey bourbon out there, and it’ll cost you $150.

Bloomberg reports that the company is debuting a limited-edition premium bourbon called Master’s Keep because of some passing-down-the-successful-company from father to son business going on (someone should pitch a nighttime soap version of this to a TV network). So instead of knocking back some shots from Wild Turkey’s standard 101-proof bourbon (only $25 a bottle, y’all), the father and son at the helm of this company have made something that I don’t really understand, so I’ll just drop a block quote from Bloomberg here:

The special aging process definitely comes through in the bourbon, though you’re not going to mistake it for anything other than Wild Turkey. On the nose, you get all the sour corn smell you’d get from any of their expressions—but with some subtle barbecue and spice notes. The first sip brings a little heat, along with wildflower honey, apple, and vanilla. A few drops of water makes the whole thing more floral, but I think it does best with a cube or two of ice, bringing out the candy and fruit.

Apparently, the “special aging process” includes keeping this batch in stone buildings instead of the traditional, inferior wood ones for a while. Do with that information what you will. I’ll just keep ordering the cheaper stuff that they put in whiskey gingers during happy hour.