‘Will & Grace’ Got Political With Its Premiere And People Are Waiting For Donald Trump To Respond

The classic sitcom Will & Grace returned on Thursday night after 11 years off the air, and for fans, not too much had changed. In an effort to reboot an unpopular ending, the show has been retconned to have the titular twosome single again and living together despite ending the series with families. People enjoy the familiar, so this was probably a wise move to appease viewers, even if it does detract from the original finale.

One thing that had slightly changed was how vocally political it was in it’s new series premiere. While the show had always been quietly subversive due to its subject matter at the time, the ninth season came out with guns blazing, throwing around political buzzwords like “p*ssy hat,” “woke,” and “Cheetoh” left and right. While there were plenty of people who would have preferred to keep politics out of their sitcom (that was always pretty political), for the most part, Twitter was here for the 2017 version of pop culture activism.

People were particularly interested in how President Trump, who was the butt of many, many jokes and has taken to Twitter to criticize pop culture that isn’t in his favor in the past, will respond to the political premiere. Here’s hoping Melania changed his password.

We’ll see if the show continues on a very vocally political path for the entire season (and the next) or if it tapers off a bit from the premiere, but it’s safe to say that people will be watching either way.