Will Arnett Says He Trolls Jason Bateman With His Old ‘Teen Beat’ Photos

06.13.17 9 months ago

In case you hadn’t heard the news, Arrested Development is officially coming back for season five on Netflix in 2018, and unlike in season four, this time the gang is really getting back together. This should give Will Arnett plenty of opportunities to roast his costar Jason Bateman, as he joked on Conan Monday night, “We have the whole cast, sadly even Bateman, and uh, we tried to keep that real quiet and he picked up on it I guess.”

After going on to riff on his costar’s, err, shall we say soothing voice, Conan asked the Bojack Horseman star whether or not the constant teasing bothers him. For the most part, Arnett said that it does not (crudely noting that “he can take it”), although he brought up one time that he may have actually broken the poor guy.

As you may recall, Jason Bateman was a pretty hot teen star in the ’80s, and as a result appeared in many a Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, and whatever other Beats featured glossy photos of attractive, non-threatening teenage boys. And sadly for him, Will Arnett is very much aware that these photos exist and use them against him at all of the worst possible times — including one particularly rough day on set that elicited the saddest response ever. Guy is probably asking himself whether or not Silver Spoons and Teen Wolf Too were really worth it, now.

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