Will Ferrell And Ryan Gosling Sell Knives At 11:30. Everybody Knows That.

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This surprise bit on Kimmel last night was really rather unremarkable, but between the headline and an image of Ferrell and Gosling samurai chopping stuff in “Knife Guys” costumes I couldn’t resist. Quick synopsis: Will — as he is wont to do — made a surprise cameo under the premise that he has been using the studio for his QVC knife show during Kimmel’s new 11:30 time slot. Cute, but not spectacular. Then everyone’s favorite everything, Ryan Gosling, crashes the party and it’s all simultaneously good times and forgettable. There you go.

Clip below. Ferrell at the :48 mark. Gosling at 2:45. Baby Goose’s full interview here if you’re into that sort of thing. Spoiler alert: Cookie story is the best part.

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