Will Ferrell Announced The ‘Upcoming Slate’ Of Funny Or Die Videos In His ‘One Video Of The Year’

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08.21.13 2 Comments

Funny or Die’s “leader” Will Ferrell appeared in a video on the comedy site today to announce the upcoming slate of original videos for fall 2013, and I hope that these are real videos being made. You can’t just tease me with Dallas Bryce Howard shouting about Fart Mountain and then tell me it’s not something that I’m going to be able to eventually watch. That would just be cruel.

Also making appearances are Milla Jovovich in Tetris: Retaliation (looks better than every Resident Evil film), Tony Hale just counting, David Spade and the very, very lovely Julianne Hough in The Curious Case of Benjamin Butt-Hands, Val Kilmer as Mark Twain in Twaining Day, and Christopher Meloni in Jerkquake, a movie about every man in the world masturbating at the same time.

Oh, and Santa and Mrs. Claus have doggy style sex. It’s a shame Hollywood can’t be this original.

By the way, I would watch Virgin President. Preferably as a TV series. Haha, when’s that president going to stop passing immigration laws and start getting laid? Maybe next season when Heather Locklear shows up as his sexy Secretary of State.

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