Will Ferrell Is Also Sick Of ‘Call Me Maybe’

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07.27.12 5 Comments

The morning after late night tag team showdowns, Will Ferrell likes to drop by morning shows to talk new movies and berate them via autograph for encouraging the “Call Me Maybe” covers that have become a national epidemic.

CBS This Morning instagram’d out the above photo earlier (CBS This Morning has an Instagram?) of their celebrity signature wall (CBS This Morning has a celebrity signature wall?) in which the comedian implored them to cut the sh*t out. Talk about fighting the good fight. I feel like I’m not supposed to still like the guy as much as I did a decade ago, but stuff like this is why I do.

If he ever meets Carly Rae Jepsen in person I hope the exchange goes something like this…

My god that movie sucked except for that line.

Instagram via Buzzfeed

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