All The Times Will Ferrell Won The Internet

Considering that Will Ferrell‘s been a comedy mainstay in pop culture for the last two decades, his list of viral moments is rather long. (The guy was making sketches go viral before some internet marketing guy even coined the term “viral video.”) In fact, this summary probably could’ve been broken up into some sort of “Will Ferrell’s Super Duper Best: Talk Show/Sports/Pranks” series. But because I realize that this is a “gimmie it all now” society, I’ve compiled this rundown of his best moments (the last two years, anyway) into a single easy-to-swallow format.

Oh, I should probably mention that today is Ferrell’s birthday — he’s 48 — but really, any day is a good day to enjoy the absurdity of Will Ferrell. Now, on to the nonsensical yelling.

Will Ferrell’s many costumed late night appearances.

Sure, Will Ferrell could go on a talk show in a suit and blab about his movie like every other actor, but that ain’t what gets the YouTube clicks. While Ferrell might not quite be on par with Bill Murray’s talk show costumed appearances, he’s quickly racking up a notable list of themed hijinks. Whether it’s appearing as Little Debbie Girl…

Short-shorts-wearing leprechaun…

Or donning a parrot…

Ferrell goes for maximum stupid with his talk show attire.

Will Ferrell’s drum battle royale against Chad Smith.

Chad Smith’s comparison to Will Ferrell dates back years, and when the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer grew tired of people shouting “More cowbell!” he challenged Ferrell to a drum battle. The drum-off that ensued on The Tonight Show wasn’t so much a contest as it was a chance for Smith to show who was the professional musician and who was the clown behind the kick drum. The contest will without a doubt go down as one of The Tonight Show‘s most anticipated moments.

That time last month when Will Ferrell gave a wedding toast to two strangers.

Fans of The Chris Gethard Show — hey, they’re out there — were treated to the marriage of three couples with Will Ferrell delivering a tasteful and elegant wedding toast to one couple. Okay, it wasn’t so much tasteful, as Ferrell did threaten to break somebody like a chicken bone before being removed by security. That’s the risk you take, though, when you allow Will Ferrell to hijack your wedded bliss.

Will Ferrell threatens to bite Germany’s entire World Cup team.

Will Ferrell is a patriot who loves his country, and that patriotism sometimes comes out in the form of violent threats against athletes who challenge the USA’s sports dominance. Hence, the reason Ferrell ended up in Brazil last summer to rally support for the U.S. soccer team’s match against Germany. They unfortunately triumphed over the U.S., but had Ferrell been on the field, biting and kicking, who’s to say that the results wouldn’t have been different?

Old Milwaukee lands Will Ferrell as a spokesperson.

If you make a beer, there are a few marketing strategies you can deploy. One involves hiring Will Ferrell to do a series of local TV commercials. Ferrell initially did the commercials for your grandpa’s favorite alcoholic tubwater in Iowa, and followed that up with a series of Super Bowl commercials shown only in Nebraska, but filmed in Sweden. Apparently, that’s how you revive a beverage brand.

Will Ferrell, also known as Ted Vagina, kicks Shaq out of a Lakers game.

Really, all you need to know about this clip is that nobody, I mean NOBODY, not even Lakers royalty like Shaquille O’Neal, goes up against the no-funny-business presence of Ted Vagina.

Ron Burgundy’s marketing blitz for Anchorman 2.

It’s unfortunate when the best thing about a movie is the marketing. Looking back, Anchorman 2 probably should’ve never happened, but I’m glad it did for the simple fact that it sent Ron Burgundy into campaign overdrive. We got Burgundy taking over sports radio, invading local news, and a whopping 70 Dodge Durango ads. (I’m typing this from the driver’s seat of a Dodge Durango. Damn, that Ron’s a convincing S.O.B.) I almost want a Semi-Pro 2 just to see Ferrell trot out that afro wig one more time.

Will Ferrell announces the Bulls vs. Hornets lineup.

I’m not sure how far down the list of substitute announcers the NBA had to go when their regular Chicago Bulls announcer called in sick, but I’m glad they did. I mean, how else were we supposed to learn that Derrick Rose’s favorite movie is the Baby Goose classic The Notebook?

Will Ferrell proves he’s the lip sync battle king.

Beyonce did a decent job with her song “Drunk in Love,” but it really took the slow, gyrating hips of Will Ferrell to bring out the song’s true sex appeal. The only downside of Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon, and Will Ferrell’s post-Super Bowl lip sync battle is that we had to suffer through yet another rendition of “Let It Go.” Will that song ever die?

Adam McKay’s daughter cursing Will Ferrell out in The Landlord.

[protected-iframe id=”9247578173298aad33bf5f3210bdec50-60970621-60078829″ info=”″ width=”448″ height=”376″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””]

Now, please enjoy the crown jewel of Will Ferrell’s internet supremacy, the toddler curse-laden adorableness that is… The Landlord.