Watch Will Smith Leap Off Victoria Falls Bridge And Realize A 20-Year Long Dream

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What’s the most important story broke by Fresh Prince broadcaster extraordinaire Trevor Newsworthy? That’s right, it was the time he was live for the breaking news of his own fatal bungee cord accident. (Poor Hilary.) Even as a comedy splatter gag, you’d think Will Smith would be reluctant to try out bungee jumping for himself. (Or maybe you wouldn’t. His bud Tom Cruise seems like someone that would cheer Smith on in thrill-seeking.)

The Willennium Man leaped from the Victoria Falls bridge (while tethered) when he visited the landmark aligning Zimbabwe, Zambia and wonder of natural beauty. Seeing as the headline isn’t “BELOVED ACTOR PLUNGES TO DEATH,” you’ve probably figured out that things went swimmingly for the Suicide Squad star. In fact, the video evidence tucked above shows Smith as being absolutely delighted with the experience.

“This is going to be a cool shot,” said the camera-equipped multihyphenate. “This is crazy, bungee jumping Victoria Falls, I’ve been wanting to do this for like almost 20 years. I’ve got high blood pressure, though, so they need to come get me from being upside down.”

As showcased in the second half of the video, Will the Thrill does achieve his goal of being right side up. It’s all worthy of a watch, really.

(Via NME)

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