Will ‘Water Shaming’ Help Stop The Wasteful Ways Of California’s Celebrities?

The news that Tom Selleck has allegedly been stealing water for several months rocked the nation this week, as the beloved actor stands accused of helping himself to truckloads of city water during California’s historic drought. Perhaps if Selleck were stealing the water to serve as a sort of mustachioed Robin Hood to those in need of H2O, the public would still hold him in high regard. However, he has been using the water for, among other things, keeping his avocado farm as lush and glorious as that flavor saver that became his trademark decades ago. Not cool, Magnum.

As always, the Internet’s outrage machine is in full effect and celebrities who depend on excessive amounts of water to keep their lawns and landscapes green have become the targets of a new trend known as “water shaming” and #DroughtShaming. Will the angry Twitter mob be enough to convince Selleck and his fellow water wasters to change their ways? Anchors Tom Storey and Briana Lane weigh in on today’s episode of The Desk.