William Shatner Is Going To Travel Across America On A Custom Three-Wheeled Motorcycle

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William Shatner announced last Monday he will be taking part in a cross-country motorcycle ride to help raise awareness about the American Legion. According to Fox Sports, the 84-year-old actor will be making the trek on a three-wheeled custom trike called “the Rivet”:

“I am taking another step into the unknown,” the 84-year-old actor said in a statement.

Shatner joined forces with the Aurora, Illinois-based company American Wrench to create the custom motorcycle, drawing inspiration from the B-17 bomber. The eight-day journey will begin on June 23rd and the actor will be joined by members of the American Legion and American Wrench crew for the entire 2,400-mile ride.

Described as a “landjet” that will feature a V8 engine and exposed cockpit with seating “only for a captain,” American Wrench plans to sell a limited number of Rivets once the ride comes to an end.

(Via Fox Sports)