#Wingmanning Is The Instagram Trend That Should Return, And Here’s What You Missed

Film/TV Editor

Some internet trends can’t die soon enough. Some defy all logic. Others will be missed, even when appreciation arrives after their fateful demise. The Wingmanning Instagram account is one such gem. The fine folks over at BroBible believe the trend must return. It’s hard to disagree after scoping the piles of pictures of a miserable bloke standing idly by as the world makes out around him. His look varies from resignation to disbelief, but the photos carry an ever-present air of unaffected self-deprecation.

Wingmanning started as an organized effort with a Tumblr page, which revealed the duo’s mission: “Make out in public? We’re behind you.” Collaborators Drew Philips and Scott Cleveland teamed up to illustrate exactly how oblivious couples can be while making out for the world. As such, the account is filled with Philip photobombing as couples swap spit in public. There was no shortage of material for over a year (and they sometimes posted fan-made contributions to the cause), but even make-out scenes can grow stale.

The Wingmanning photos still exist, although the duo no longer posts to their accounts. This tragic loss shall be felt throughout the Internet. Here are a selection of the account’s greatest entries.


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