That’s Levitation, Holmes!

The video below appears to be an awesome slot car track with cars running by quantum levitation. Its creators claim to be from the “Japan Institute of Science and Technology” and they say, “Here is a short footage on our recent work on quantum levitation. We were inspired by the game Wipe’out to do our work. With this new technology, we hope to revolutionize the world of motor transport; Maybe in a near future we could assist to a real Wipe’out race.”

Now here’s the bad news: this is just viral marketing for Wipeout. Why anyone would want to produce viral marketing for wipE’out” is beyond me, unless Sony is going to release a sequel soon. (UPDATE: WipeOut 2048 is coming out for the PlayStation Vita). Although quantum levitation does exist, there is no “Japan Institute of Science and Technology”, and the scientist mentioned in the Japanese part of the YouTube description (Taju Mohn, モーンタージュ) doesn’t appear to exist. There weren’t any naked pictures of him online or anything. And I looked for hours. Got sidetracked a bit. There are a lot of naked Asian dudes online. I regret nothing.

[Hat tip and a suspicious device to GeeksAreSexy.]