Wisconsin Is Officially America’s Drunkest State

The state that has given us J.J. Watt, Miller Lite, and cheese-shaped headgear, has officially taken the title of drunkest in the union.

In a recent survey performed by, Wisconsin was found to have the most binge drinkers, with 24 percent of residents having four or more beverages in a single night. The survey also revealed that it has the highest percentage of sustained heavy drinkers, with 8.7 percent of the state’s population regularly downing some form of alcoholic beverage (let’s all assume it’s Old Milwaukee).

Surprisingly, the residents of Washington, D.C. came in a close second. The nation’s capital was shown to have 8.03 percent of its population as heavy drinkers, and 23.5 percent as binge drinkers.

With all the insane activity that happens on a regular basis in Florida and Ohio, it’s amazing neither one of those states took the crown. Well, there’s always next year.

( via Vanity Fair)