‘The Wolf Among Us’ Has A New, Hint-Filled Trailer

The Wolf Among Us delivers Episode 2 next week, and it’s exciting, not least because we’re hoping to find out whether or not we can make stump jokes to Grendel’s face. But the trailer is also full of secrets and hints. Let’s analyze, shall we?

First, here’s the trailer, direct from Telltalle themselves:

It looks to be a deeper delve into the sleaziness of Fabletown. It also sees a few new characters arrive: Apparently Georgie Porgie is a pimp who owns a strip club called Pudding and Pie, and we’re guessing, since he doesn’t pop up in the comic, that he’s not getting out of this one. Bluebeard, a major character in the early comics, shows up, and, as was perhaps inevitable, Jack shows up to hassle Bigby. One assumes it’s a matter of time before Jack somehow gets in trouble involving this case.

Also, notice that the woman at the end has the same ribbon around her neck as Faith did. We’re assuming that’s not going to end well for her, either. We’ll know for sure next week.