Mugshot Of The Day: Wolverine Got Arrested At A Wedding

Coot350z posted this mugshot of his friend on Reddit yesterday following the friend’s arrest, because that’s what true friends do for each other. We’re adding it to our Wolverine mugshot collection next to the guy who attacked his best friend for banging his mom. This Wolverine was arrested for a very different reason. Coot350z explains:

Two of my friends got married and it was a super hero themed wedding. The bride and groom went as batgirl and batman respectively and everybody else in the wedding was dressed up as well. The best man (pictured) got wasted and got a DUI leaving the wedding. [Reddit]

He also posted photos from the superhero-themed wedding here and here. That Quailman costume is awesome, but I think we can all agree that the photo of a Powerpuff Girl puking on the sidewalk is the one to put in the wedding album for the grandkids. Those kids gotta learn about the dangers of heavy drinking, something this DUI Wolverine failed to learn. Come on, Logan, stop trying to solve all your problems with beer.


Also, as is our tradition, this was obligatory:

Seriously though, don’t get behind the wheel while drunk ever again, bub.

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